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How to Succeed on LinkedIn and How to Perfect Your Profile. Part III.

Reading time 5 minutes 4.10.2022

Would you like to be matched to jobs that you respond to regularly? To have virtual circle of people on LinkedIn who inspire you and share advice and tips that come up in your career? The key is to have a well filled in profile to show your preferences. Share, comment and expand your professional network in a way that benefits you, we'll give you advice on how to do it.

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LinkedIn’s Hidden Features for Recruiters. Part II.

Reading time 5 minutes 3.10.2022

In the first part of a series of articles focused on LinkedIn, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About LinkedIn, we took a look at interesting facts, figures, history and subscriptions. Let’s explore the features and functionality that LinkedIn offers for recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals who are hunting for available candidates to fill specific positions in our territory. We’ll introduce you to hidden features you may not have known about and reveal tips on how we work with LinkedIn.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About LinkedIn. Part I.

Reading time 5 minut 3.10.2022

Every 5th Czech is on LinkedIn. The number of active users has been growing steadily since LinkedIn launched in 2003, making it a treasure trove of professional networking opportunities. It may have a smaller number of users compared to Facebook, but let’s not confuse quantity with the quality of the posts. There are no pictures of food and trips on LinkedIn, but rather job success stories, opinions on current topics from experts in their field, and job postings from companies both large and small.

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7 TOP IT Autumn/Winter 2022 Conferences

Reading time 3 min 20.9.2022

Autumn came earlier than expected this year and kind of drove us into the warmth of our homes. But to keep everyone occupied at home, we have 7 TOP IT conferences for you that will not only move you forward in the field, but you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your hearth and home to attend most of them. Let’s take a look at a selection of IT conferences coming up before the end of the year.

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How well do you know Jenkins? Part II.

Reading time 4 min 8.8.2022

Let’s pick up on Part I, where we described what Jenkins is and how it’s used. Now let’s try to explain the next steps and possibilities that Jenkins brings or how it helps with software delivery.

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„Systeum would do anything for its employees. It’s a great group of people that I’ve joined as a fresh graduate. Now after two years I am a self-sufficient tester on agile project.“

Jiří, Tester

„Systeum isn’t a regular company, it’s an experience. Perfect teambuiding activities, educational trainings, CHristmas gifts and bunch of benefits. As I say: Systeum for life.“

Erik, Tester

„Thanks to Systeum I have a job that really suits me and enables me to grow not only in technological stuff. It offers great benefits and what is importat, Systeum isn't only company, we are family.“

Petr, JAVA Developer

„Thanks to Systeum I managed to switch from manual testing of POS terminals to work on robotization within four years. Thank you for being here for us not only in work stuff.“

Artem, Automation Tester

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