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How well do you know Jenkins? Part I.

Reading time 5 min 29.7.2022

To start with, Jenkins is mostly used by DevOps people, developers and automation testers, while manual testers are not likely to deal with it. I’ll tell you about the secrets of Jenkins in two parts. In the first part, we’ll take a general look at Jenkins, delve into its history and see what it's used for, and in Part II, we’ll take a closer look at other steps {} in a Jenkins file, such as automated testing.

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How your phone is eavesdropping on you and the hidden secrets of ALPHONSO software

Reading time 3 min 18.7.2022

Today, we will discuss the “Alphonso tracking system” in more detail. You will learn how it works and what it’s actually used for.

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Are you familiar with the term simulation theory?

Reading time 3 min 28.6.2022

“Is the reality we live in real or is it just a simulation?” Let’s take a closer look at simulation theory. Its definition, or rather theory, claims that everything around us is not real, but a highly sophisticated simulation. It may sound like science fiction to you, but imagine everything running on a super-powerful computer made by an alien civilization.

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Got a CV? And can we see it?

Reading time 5 min 16.6.2022

Suppose your project is over and you are looking for a new one. One that will surpass the previous and make you feel in your element. It doesn’t take too long and the offer is on the table. How to succeed among other competitors? It starts with a high-quality resume, something you often can’t do without. A CV that is interesting and properly composed is not a relic, on the contrary, it is a sign of seniority and professionalism. Let’s take a look at how to draw up such a high quality CV, so that you can become the first candidate to be invited for an interview in your dream job.

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Full Remote, ref.: office not needed

Reading time 5 minut 17.5.2022

Until recently, it was common to go to the office every day and have your favourite photo and cup with highlighters on your desk. Today, it is unimaginable for many to return to the office for full time. In the article, we will discuss full remote cooperation in detail and present proven tips on how not to go crazy and be effective.

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„Systeum would do anything for its employees. It’s a great group of people that I’ve joined as a fresh graduate. Now after two years I am a self-sufficient tester on agile project.“

Jiří, Tester

„Systeum isn’t a regular company, it’s an experience. Perfect teambuiding activities, educational trainings, CHristmas gifts and bunch of benefits. As I say: Systeum for life.“

Erik, Tester

„Thanks to Systeum I have a job that really suits me and enables me to grow not only in technological stuff. It offers great benefits and what is importat, Systeum isn't only company, we are family.“

Petr, JAVA Developer

„Thanks to Systeum I managed to switch from manual testing of POS terminals to work on robotization within four years. Thank you for being here for us not only in work stuff.“

Artem, Automation Tester

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