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You probably don't need an introduction to Standa Keppert. This time, he looked at the question from Hamlet's perspective: To be or not to be a Test Manager? Should I become one or not? He weighed the pros and cons, and the surprising conclusion he reached can be found at the end of the article.

Who is a Test Manager?

A Test Manager (or Test Administrator) is a person responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and managing testing activities within a project. The Test Manager works within the project management team and collaborates with other team members, such as project managers, developers, analysts, and customers.

The basic responsibilities of a Test Manager include:

  • Setting testing strategy
  • Planning and organizing testing
  • Managing testing activities and coordinating the team
  • Ensuring a testing environment and test data
  • Processing and reporting test results
  • Solving problems and suggesting improvements in the testing process

A Test Manager must be able to communicate with other team members and customers, be organizationally skilled, and have a good knowledge of software testing.

It is important to realize that the work of a Test Manager is different from that of a tester. The Test Manager manages and coordinates testing more, while the tester focuses on performing tests and reporting results. The Test Manager's job also involves more communication with other team members and customers, planning and organizing testing, and making decisions about priorities.

If I wanted to move into the Test Manager position, I should start by improving my organizational and communication skills, expanding my knowledge of software testing, and learning to plan and coordinate testing. It is also essential to gain experience in team leadership and project management. In any case, it is important to be sure of your professional goals and consider whether a career move to the Test Manager position would be the right decision for you.

I like Shakespeare and his Hamlet, who asked the important question "To be or not to be?". I will try the same for the Test Manager job.

Why be a Test Manager?

  • Leading a team

The Test Manager leads the team and coordinates testing activities. This role allows the Test Manager to develop their leadership and motivation skills and learn new team management techniques.

  • Broader view of the project

The Test Manager works directly with project managers, developers, analysts, and customers. This role provides a broader view of the project and improves understanding of the entire software development process.

  • Career development

Becoming a Test Manager can be the next step in the career for testers who want to move up to a higher position within the project team. The Test Manager can also have a better overview of what is happening in the project and how testing adapts to the overall project strategy.

Why not be a Test Manager?

  • Specialization

A tester can be an expert in a specific area of testing, allowing them to gain deep knowledge and specialization in that area. Moving to the Test Manager position would mean transitioning to a role with broader responsibilities, which could limit specialization opportunities.

  • Technical focus

A tester may focus more on the technical aspects of testing, such as automated testing or improving the testing process. Moving to the Test Manager position could mean focusing more on planning and organizing testing and less on technical aspects.

  • Personal preferences

Some testers may prefer independent work and fewer meetings and coordination with other team members. If they prefer work without leading a team and less communication with others, the Test Manager position may be less suitable for them.


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Being a test manager can be an interesting and fulfilling career choice if one is interested in managing and coordinating testing activities and leading a team.

I have also selected some additional advantages to becoming a Test Manager:

  • Developing soft skills

Being a test manager requires strong communication and organizational skills. This IT position allows for the development of these important soft skills, which are crucial for a successful career in the IT field.

  • Improving knowledge

A test manager works with various team members and has an overview of the entire software development process. The role of a Test Manager allows for the improvement of knowledge in software development and various aspects of testing.

  • Expanding decision-making capabilities

A test manager often has to make decisions about priorities and testing planning. This role enables the test manager to develop their decision-making ability and helps them become an effective project leader.

  • Influence on project outcomes

A test manager plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the final product and timely delivery of the project. The IT position of a Test Manager allows them to see the results of their work and have an impact on the success of the project.

Overall, it can be said that being a test manager can be an interesting career choice for testers who are interested in managing a team and coordinating testing activities, as well as for those who want to develop their soft skills and decision-making capabilities.

Thanks to this reflection, Standa came to the conclusion that becoming a Test Manager is not for him, as he does not want to lead a team of people, and he enjoys self-improvement in automation and programming. We believe that his reflection has helped you if you are asking yourself the same question, whether working in IT and advancing your career to the position of Test Manager is right for you.


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