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We connect IT specialists and projects with potential

We understand both IT specialists and the needs of the project. We will find the perfect match for you.

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You have a vision of a successful project. Our specialists will be happy to make it happen with you.

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Are you looking for an interesting project?

You are in the right place. Take a look at how we do things and what colleagues we are currently looking for.

Are you looking for a IT partner for a successful project?

Do you need to expand your existing team with a new IT specialists? In our portfolio you will find over 20,000 IT experts from the Czech and Slovak Republics. We can find individuals or build a whole team that we will take care of and continue to develop professionally.

Available IT Experts

Tap into the potential of our available IT professionals currently looking for a new project and choose the one, the one you need.

Martin - Tester

Prague, Central Bohemia Region - 3 years of experience - He has a 2-month notice period, but it can be negotiated

JIRA, Confluence, XML

Jan - Python Programmer

Prague, Central Bohemian Region - 4.5 years of experience - possible start from June 1st, 2024

Python, Django, PostreSQL, Databricks

Pavel - JS Developer

Prague, Central Bohemian Region - 13 years of experiences - immediately

React.js, Node.js, Next.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Linux

Jakub - JS Developer

Prague, Central Bohemian Region - 5 years of experience - available to start immediately

React.js, Typescript, Node.js, Redux, Git

Martin - Full-stack Developer

Prague, Central Bohemian Area - 15 years of experiance - 2 months notice period

Java, Kotlin, Spring Framework, PL/SQL, Angular, React, Svelte, TypeScript, C/C++, PHP, Rust, GO, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, OrientDB, Linux, Docker, Kubernates, QEMU/KVM, AWS

Ivan - Project Manager

Prague, Central Bohemian Region - 16 years of experience - Possible start from May 1st, 2024

JIRA, Confluence, PRINCE2, Salesforce, CRM, GDPR

Evangelos - Automation Engineer

Prague, Central Bohemian Area - 18 years of experiance - He can start immediatelly

UFT, ALM, Axe, Robot Framework, Selenium, BlazeMeter, Gatling, Postman, SoapUI, RestAssured, Karate Framework, Junit5, MockServer, WireMock, Gherkin, Cucumber, Spring Boot, Cypress

Take a peek


We have become accustomed to using artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Should we require more humanity from AI?

Reading time 4 min 17.4.2024

The "Implications of Artificial Intelligence" meetup brought together leading experts and dozens of guests to discuss its current development and future. The main idea resonating among all speakers was the need for greater humanity in AI technologies.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing from Systeum

We respond to your request immediately. On average, you will receive resumes of quality candidates from us within a week, with a success rate of over 50% in interviews.

We genuinely care about our IT specialists. This contributes to their satisfaction and reduces turnover. We regularly gather personal feedback for mutual satisfaction. We provide them with an education budget, contribute to physiotherapy, massages, and Multisport cards, equip them with hardware and a mobile plan, offer snacks from Rohlik, and organize several team-building events throughout the year.

Since 2008, we have been primarily focused on providing IT experts, and we can find IT specialists with specific technological skills and knowledge (AI, DevOps, MATLAB, Embedded C++, Java, .NET, Android/iOS, Business Intelligence, Project Management, QA, etc.).

Every IT specialist we offer for an interview is thoroughly vetted in advance, both in terms of technological skills and personality. We present candidates who are truly relevant to your needs.

We can cover a wide range of sectors in which IT specialists are true experts (Telco, Finance, Tech, Automotive, Insurance, Recruitment, and Entertainment).

If you are not satisfied with the provided IT expert, we guarantee to find a replacement with comparable experience within 20 business days.


We will effectively connect your needs with the needs of IT specialists.

  • We know what details IT specialists are most interested in, we can ask the important things about the project.
  • Our team of Account Managers and HR Consultants has an IT background and is continuously educated in the field of IT.

We regularly report to you on the progress of your request.

A week after the process begins, we will inform you about the number of candidates contacted and about further progress. After the IT specialist is accepted into your team, we regularly and personally gather feedback to ensure mutual satisfaction with the project.

Current projects


Test using SoapUI or Postman in a banking company.

Lokalita Location: Prague 5
Lokalita Technologies: SoapUI, Postman

Development Lead

Contribute to the development of a new Android platform using the multiplatform technology MAUI.

Lokalita Location: Full remote
Lokalita Technologies: .NET, .NET Core, C#


We will review your resume for free and advise on what to improve!

Lokalita Location: Prague

Can’t you find a project according to your wishes?
Contact us anyway.

Send us a message

What does the hiring process look like?

We get to know each other

We will get in touch by mail, phone any way you like it. We will find out what you enjoy, what your tech stack is and what you want to do. We'll start with transparency: we'll introduce you to the benefits of collaborating with us, as well as the client and their offered MD rate. All our HR consultants have an IT background and continuously educate themselves in the IT field, ensuring that you can be confident we fully understand your needs.

We will discuss your dream project

We will go through all the information about you would like to know about a project, including the technical ones. We'll talk about your experiences and provide all the necessary information. We'll help you prepare for the interview and advise on how to easily set up and start collaborating as a freelancer. 

We will support you during the interview

Our account manager will take care of you, and if the client allows, they will join you in the interview with the project manager and team leader, where you will discuss technical matters.


We'll sign a contract and we'll ensure that you are prepared for the first days at the client's. And because we want you to work comfortably, we'll provide you with the basic hardware equipment needed for your job.



You officially start as a member of the Systeum party! You will be able to enjoy all our benefits, participate in our company events, receive gifts for your birthday and work anniversary, meet with us regularly to discuss how you like the project, and most importantly, you can turn to us at any time during the collaboration.

Whether you’d like to be an employee or contractor, you can look forward to:


Multisport card allowance


Physiotherapist allowance


Education support


Snack to taste right to your desk


team sport and cultural events (and also the drinking ones, but shh)

Have you heard it?

  • Join our referral program and get a financial reward for referring a new specialist.
  • As a part of the Systeum Team, you can always turn to your HR buddy, who will help you with anything.
  • Whether it concerns a type of project, education or a snack, we will be happy to find even a non-standard solution for you. Don’t be afraid to say what you wish for.

What they say about us?
Ask our colleagues…


„Systeum would do anything for its employees. It’s a great group of people that I’ve joined as a fresh graduate. Now after two years I am a self-sufficient tester on agile project.“

Jiří, Tester

„Systeum isn’t a regular company, it’s an experience. Perfect teambuiding activities, educational trainings, CHristmas gifts and bunch of benefits. As I say: Systeum for life.“

Erik, Tester

„Thanks to Systeum I have a job that really suits me and enables me to grow not only in technological stuff. It offers great benefits and what is importat, Systeum isn't only company, we are family.“

Petr, JAVA Developer

„Thanks to Systeum I managed to switch from manual testing of POS terminals to work on robotization within four years. Thank you for being here for us not only in work stuff.“

Artem, Automation Tester

What they say about us?
 Ask our clients…


„Systeum is one of the biggest providers of our testing capacities. Years of cooperation have proved the outstanding quality of candidates. I also appreciate the willingness of the whole team.“

Head of test execution

„I really appreciate individual approach. Systeum provides us with teams of testers, C/C++ and Java developers. Specialists meet our requirements on knowledge of network protocols and cloud solutions“

Chief Technology Officer

„Systeum is our stable, long-term partner. Thanks to Systeum we have functional high quality senior teams of C++ embedded developers and auto testers sice 2015.“

Head of Payment Application

„Systeum, thank you for your help to find the right fit to my team! I can recommend cooperation with you to everybody. Very professional, smooth and friendly.“

IT CIM Inventory Management Development

Examples of long-term cooperation

Komerční banka Monster Generali Porsche Raiffeisen BANK Moneta

Marek Walter,
Key Account Manager

Marek Walter
Marek Walter

Veronika Vodicová,
Key Account Manager

Veronika Vodicová
Veronika Vodicová

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