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TOP Tech and IT Conferences - September to December 2023

Education and attending conferences are key elements of professional growth. Given the rapid changes in technological trends, it's crucial to keep up with them. In the following article, we present an overview of conferences designed for IT specialists, held worldwide from September to December 2023. You can attend all of these conferences online and find out what trends are popular abroad.

September 2023


September 4-5, Bratislava
The conference is intended for testers at all levels. It connects experts from the broader Central European region and continues this idea by rotating the venue annually since 2018 among Vienna, Prague, and Bratislava. The main theme of 2023 is "The Place of the Tester in the Universe, Metaverse and Beyond."


Engineering Solutions and DevOps Culture Conference

September 5-6 and 17-18, online / Moscow
A conference focused on DevOps practice, connecting professionals from development and operations.


New England Software Symposium

September 22-24, Boston / online
The conference focuses on the latest technologies and best practices in modern software development and architecture.


International JavaScript Conference

September 25-28, New York / online
A conference for full-stack developers focused on the present and future of JavaScript.


October 2023

The Conference for Java & Software Innovation

October 2-5, London / online
A conference for developers specializing in Java, focusing on technological innovation and software architecture. Understand the trends behind machine learning and blockchain.


Meetup Systeum Artificial Intelligence in Practice

October 12, Prague Work Lounge Karlín
More information coming soon.


NODES 2023

October 26, 2023, online & free
A virtual conference for developers, data scientists, and analysts focusing on graph technology and ML models.



October 4-5, online
A two-day virtual event for mobile developers and DevOps experts with an emphasis on Mobile DevOps.

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November 2023

Mobile DevOps Summit 2023

November 4-5, online & free
The conference focuses on mobile app development and DevOps. You have the opportunity to attend more than 40 workshops, lectures, and discussions.


W-JAX 2023

November 6-10, Expo: November 7-9, Munich / online
The conference focuses on Java, software architecture, and technological innovation.



November 20.-22. online
A large international virtual conference for the Java community, focusing on Core Java, Serverside Java, API, frameworks, Java-Cloud-Native, and microservices.



November 21-24, online
A four-day event focused on technical discussions in the fields of Big Data, High Load, Data Science, machine learning, and AI. The conference aims to connect developers, IT professionals, and users to share experiences, discuss best practices, and describe case studies.


December 2023


December 6-8, Clearwater / online
A conference for managers and technical leaders focusing on the latest technologies, recruitment methods, and various organizational practices.



December 7-8, online
A conference for developers offering inspiring lectures, discussions, and practical masterclasses led by industry experts. Since 2015, this conference has been transforming developers into architects and engineers. Organizers provide interpretation in International Sign Language and subtitles.


React Day

December 8-12, Berlin / online
A conference full of lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities in the world of React.

This year's conference season offers a wide range of topics and events for developers and IT specialists who want to stay up-to-date and develop their skills in software development, Big Data, and other technologies. Expand your professional network, and you'll see that it will also increase your competitiveness in the job market. An educated IT specialist is not only more attractive to potential employers but also has a higher chance of landing prestigious positions and higher wages.


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