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7 Steps to an Effective Demand for IT Capacities

Are you looking for IT specialists for your project but don't have the time or HR department? Then opt for outsourcing IT specialists.

Companies establish collaborations with IT capacity suppliers to acquire the most suitable professionals for projects and significantly shorten the time associated with their search. We have written an article for you about the benefits of outsourcing and which type of collaboration with suppliers is right for you, titled "Outsourcing IT Specialists: Overview and Trends."

To get the best IT specialists from the supplier, ones that will fit perfectly into your project, the Account Manager needs to know your project and the company environment as well as possible. And we will show you how to do that.

Why does the rule "the more information about the position and project, the better" apply?

IT specialists are a group that can choose their collaborations in the job market. Thus, each project has many other competitors for them. Providing all relevant information can make the difference between a project that your potential colleague will pay attention to and one whose description they won't even finish reading. With enough information, they can decide whether the project is appealing and makes sense for them to attend an interview. This saves not only their time but also yours.

Are you interested in the types of outsourcing and collaboration you can utilize? Read the article where we not only introduce IT outsourcing but also Umbrella Services, Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore, and Body leasing.

What information should you ideally provide to the supplier so they can select the right IT specialist for you?

1. Define the Position in Detail

The better defined the position is and the clearer the MUST-HAVE criteria are set, the more precisely suppliers can assess candidates and filter them according to your expectations. You must also consider that if the criteria are set too strictly, there may be only a few candidates who meet them, and those may be more expensive.

  • A detailed description of the project the specialist will work on. What will be the outcome of the specialist's work, and what benefit does the given product or service provide to the end-user?
  • Description of the activities the specialist will perform on the project, information about their role and job content.
  • Specified technologies, methodologies, tools, and their versions:
    - with which the specialist will directly come into contact in their position
    - which are further used in the project.
  • The size and composition of the team.
  • Expected duration of allocation to the project.
  • Possibility of working from home, or the extent thereof.
  • The necessity of foreign languages, or their level.

2. Set the Duration of the Selection Process

It is appropriate to set the duration of the selection process, especially when it is clear that clients will have enough candidates. On the other hand, if the position is complicated, it is more appropriate not to set a deadline to find a suitable candidate.

3. What Will Be the Start Date?

Set the date by which the IT specialist can start. Or conversely, that it is possible to have a start date arranged for later. This information also helps suppliers filter out unsuitable candidates.

4. Determine the Timeline of the Selection Process

  • by when you will collect candidates
  • by when you will evaluate submitted resumes
  • by when you will have interviews
  • when you plan to conclude the selection process

Candidates may have multiple offers, and this openness can prevent discomfort at the interview itself. For example, when it is discovered that the IT specialist already has one offer on the table and only a few days to decide, while the client wants to spend another two weeks collecting candidates. This also works well for the supplier, who can work better with candidates if they know, for example, that you want to conclude the selection process within a week.

5. Provide Feedback to Suppliers

Providing timely feedback to suppliers is key. You don't need to go into detail. It is appropriate to explain why you are rejecting candidates in one or two sentences. This statement is important for the supplier to know how to adjust their processes and selection criteria and also for the feedback the supplier gives to candidates.

6. Do Not Delay the Decision on Candidate Selection

Information about the selection of a candidate should be communicated without delay, as there is always a risk that the candidate will choose another offer.

The most significant flaw we've observed in job advertisements is the mention of old or outdated technologies without noting that they are only marginally used in the project, and the specialist may not encounter them at all.

This seemingly minor detail can unnecessarily deter skilled candidates.

Therefore, we recommend distinguishing between the technologies your potential colleague will work with and those they may, but might not necessarily, encounter. Spending a few extra seconds writing the request can save you a lot of time in finding the right candidate.

Requesting proposals is certainly not rocket science; it just requires a bit of patience and the right partner who can guide you on what information interests candidates. If you are ready to take your business to a higher level of efficiency and innovation through IT outsourcing, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with detailed information and answers to all your questions. Together, we will find the optimal solution for your projects.


Are you currently looking for a partner for your successful project? Get in touch with us; we look forward to it.

Do you like the option to choose from currently available IT specialists? Take advantage of our pool of free IT experts who are currently looking for a new project and choose the one you need.


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