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Searching for a new job is always a challenge. But if you're well-prepared for the interview, nothing can catch you off guard. Prepare with us for the most common questions a future employer might ask you, and think about what you also want to ask. You'll see that preparation will help you gain self-confidence and reduce the nervousness that often occurs in an interview.

What questions can you expect in an interview?

  • Tell us something about yourself.

This question serves as a warm-up round. Prepare a brief and coherent overview of your professional life, skills, and experiences relevant to the position. Focus mainly on how your experiences and skills can benefit the company. Also, mention the benefits you brought to your previous employers. If you have any certifications that might be relevant, you can also mention them. Don't forget about your interests: Even though it might seem that your interests have nothing to do with your work history, they can help create an image of your personality. If you, for example, love to travel, you can mention that you have gained a broad perspective and the ability to work with different cultures.

  • Why did you leave your last job?

Answer this question positively and focus on what attracts you to the new job, rather than speaking negatively about your former employer. You can mention new challenges, skill development, or better opportunities for growth.

  • What attracted you to this position and why did you choose our company?

With this question, recruiters want to be clear that you know what position and company you are dealing with. Use prepared points from the previous chapter "What specific things should you prepare for the interview?". Show what you know about the company and explain what attracted you to it and why you chose it. Here you can mention why you chose this particular field, company, and position. Answering these questions in advance is important for you too, as it will clarify whether the position really matches what you actually want.

  • What was your biggest success / biggest failure?

The goal of this question is to find out how you handle successes and failures and how you learn from them. Show what you can achieve when you are in top form. When describing success, focus on how you contributed to the success of the team or project and what skills you used. When describing failure, focus on how you learned from the failure, were not intimidated, and how you corrected the situation.

  • What technologies do you want to work with in the future?

What technologies are you using right now? Before the interview, thoroughly review the job advertisement and focus on the technologies listed in the Must have or Nice to have sections. Are you working with them? Are you willing to learn them? Be proactive and talk about the technologies mentioned in the advertisement.

  • What should a team look like where you will feel good?

Again, try to focus on what is stated about the team in the advertisement and how you currently feel yourself.

  • Do you have other offers?

Even if you have 20 other offers, don't say that you have many, it might look like you're not sure where to turn. Similarly, if you have only one single offer and thanks to it you are sitting in the given interview, rather neutralize your answer. You may have several offers, but the interview you are currently sitting in is your priority.

  • When can you start?

Have this answer prepared in advance. If you couldn't say when your start is possible, you will appear as if you are not even sure that you want to start anywhere.

Remember, an interview is not just about answering all the questions. To convince questions in advance, you will be able to provide thoughtful answers that leave a good impression and noticeably increase your chances of success.

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Ask your own questions in the interview!

Certainly, ask about things that interest you. By doing this, you show interest in the position and the company, and in addition, you gain all the important information for the final assessment of the offered position.

What can you ask?

  • About the practical functioning of the company. (What is the company's environment like? How does the operation work?…)
  • About the details of the position itself. (Who will be working with you at the beginning? How will your onboarding process be? What will a typical day look like for you? What is the most challenging aspect of this role? How many people will you work with daily? Does the position require travel? If yes, how often? What kind of budget will you be working with? What should you focus on when starting the position? What are the prospects for career advancement within the company?...)
  • About the work team. In this context, recruiters will appreciate it if you show that you are a team player open to collaboration with other employees. (What is the company's organizational structure? How do the teams communicate? Who will be your direct superior? What does the team you join look after? Do team members meet in person, or do they collaborate remotely? How is decision-making done within the team? How will your work be evaluated?)
  • About the recruitment process. (When will you contact me? How many candidates do you want to meet? What follows after the interview?)
  • About the benefits that the company offers.
  • About finances and contractual conditions.
  • Do you need a different work schedule than Monday-Friday, 8 to 5? Don't be afraid to talk about this topic.

Of course, you don't have to use all of these questions. You should not overwhelm the recruiter with inquiries, as they may feel like they're being interrogated. However, you should show that you are curious, enthusiastic, and eager, and you want clarity in everything. Get the most out of your interview!


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