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We have become accustomed to using artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Should we require more humanity from AI?

The "Implications of Artificial Intelligence" meetup brought together leading experts and dozens of guests to discuss its current development and future. The main idea resonating among all speakers was the need for greater humanity in AI technologies.

Kateřina Lesch, Division Director for Data Science & Risk, initiated the discussion with her perspective on how AI affects our daily lives. "It is essential to realize that technology should adapt to us, not the other way around. We must maintain our humanity in the digital world," she stated. While AI is useful, it cannot fully replace the interpersonal interactions that are crucial for deep understanding and empathy. We should recognize that AI reflects our own essence. Kateřina also emphasized the importance of AI reflecting the values we cherish as a society.

She shared her experiences from the academic environment in detecting student works generated with the help of AI. She described the significant features that immediately alert her when reading student papers, whether it's the amount of "chaos", unique words in the text, unusual citation authors, or proper punctuation in English texts.

You can watch the entire discussion with Kateřina Lesch HERE.

Jan Tyl, founder of Alpha Industries technology company, presented his projects focused on connecting digital humans powered by AI. The human dimension combined with AI and philosophical elements primarily serves personal growth, education, and the promotion of deeper thinking. "AI can help us expand our horizons, but it's important for technology to stimulate our critical thinking, not replace it," Jan conveyed.

He also advised the audience on how to create their own AI partner who will be an expert on a specific issue. The key is to have clearly defined requirements, a deep understanding of company processes, and a few AI enthusiasts with whom you can create an i-Lab. You can then create a digital partner for most roles you can think of.

You can watch the entire discussion with Jan Tyl HERE.

Petr Svoboda, founder and CEO of CodeNOW and Stratox, focused on the transformation of the IT job market. "AI is changing the dynamics of the labor market faster than many can adapt. The challenge for us is to prepare for these changes and use them to our advantage," Petr discussed. He pointed out that we can expect a dramatic transformation in the job market over the next five years. IT positions such as Junior Developer or Tester could be significantly altered by artificial intelligence, which is already successfully replacing them. Meanwhile, new roles associated with AI will become key.

There are situations, for example in services, where we still prefer talking to people rather than machines. Artificial intelligence could thus replace various data analyses and related work. According to Petr, it is important to be an expert in something and add an AI assistant to that. Doing it the other way around doesn't work.

You can watch the entire discussion with Petr Svoboda HERE.