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We have become accustomed to using artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Should we require more humanity from AI?

Reading time 4 min 17.4.2024

The "Implications of Artificial Intelligence" meetup brought together leading experts and dozens of guests to discuss its current development and future. The main idea resonating among all speakers was the need for greater humanity in AI technologies.

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Systeum Meetup 2024: The Overlaps of Artificial Intelligence

Reading time 3 minutes 21.2.2024

Join us on an inspiring journey into the world of artificial intelligence. Together with leading experts in the field of AI, we will address questions that shape our present and future.

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How to effectively motivate AI in prompts? Praise, bribes, manipulation...

Reading time 4 minutes 11.1.2024

You can find information on how to properly prompt almost everywhere these days. Prompts here, prompts there. But do you know why it's good to praise ChatGPT, bribe it, or even try threatening it a bit? Let's take a look at how to truly enhance the quality of AI outputs. I believe these tips will help you “squeeze” the maximum potential from language models.

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Intelligence and AI: How Do We Recognize Who is "Smarter"?

Reading time 2 minutes 14.11.2023

In today's digital age, where AI is developing at a faster pace than ever, we often ask: What does intelligence actually mean, and can a machine surpass a human in it?

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What Was the Systeum Meetup 2023 Like: Artificial Intelligence in Practice

Reading time 5 minutes 20.10.2023

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, in the beautiful Worklounge Karlín premises, we organized a meetup titled Artificial Intelligence in Practice, attended by many enthusiasts and experts from the general public. We started the meeting with a delightful breakfast and networking, setting the mood for a discussion on artificial intelligence. The whole event was hosted by the founder and CEO of Systeum, Martin Smětala, who discussed various aspects of this innovative technology with the guests.

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„Systeum would do anything for its employees. It’s a great group of people that I’ve joined as a fresh graduate. Now after two years I am a self-sufficient tester on agile project.“

Jiří, Tester

„Systeum isn’t a regular company, it’s an experience. Perfect teambuiding activities, educational trainings, CHristmas gifts and bunch of benefits. As I say: Systeum for life.“

Erik, Tester

„Thanks to Systeum I have a job that really suits me and enables me to grow not only in technological stuff. It offers great benefits and what is importat, Systeum isn't only company, we are family.“

Petr, JAVA Developer

„Thanks to Systeum I managed to switch from manual testing of POS terminals to work on robotization within four years. Thank you for being here for us not only in work stuff.“

Artem, Automation Tester

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